Greetings from one vintage lover to another!
I've been crazy about vintage clothes since I was a little girl in the 60s clomping around in mom's hi-heels and playing drama-queen-diva while trailing around in her fluffy peignoirs. I still have one of her black satin full length hostess gowns that I wouldn't part with for the world!

This obsession has followed me and inspired me in my collecting over the years and what better way to share this obsession than through my online store: Covet And Love It Vintage.
My sweet hubby came up with the name one day while we were out thrifting as he watched me head and shoulders deep in a clothing bin.
He said, 'Covet, covet...love it, love it' and the name stuck.
That was sooo me!

Now...back to the basics.

Is vintage right for you?
Vintage clothing isn't perfect, but then again today's new off the rack clothing can contain flaws.
Vintage fashions have lived a previous life and can show minor signs of having been worn before.
Others appear as if they've only been worn once if at all.

Many sellers of vintage clothing use a rating system such as the one below to grade the condition of a garment:

*Mint Condition - Perfect and flawless. Tags may still be attached.

*Near Mint Condition - Shows no signs of being previously worn or laundered.

*Excellent Condition - Garment has been previously worn occasionally, but no obvious signs of wear.


On a final note - all of my vintage clothing is cleaned through whatever safe method is required for that particular fabric so you can be assured there will be no funky odor when you buy a garment from Covet And Love It!

'Covet And Love It' in business since 1986